One of the most important factors within the insurance industry is the process that takes place when there is a claim. This is essentially the purpose of obtaining proper coverage. In case of a claim please contact your account executive within 24 hours.

The following procedures are taken on behalf of our clients in order to handle claims in a proper manner:

  • Report claims on time
  • Monitor the claim between all parties (Insurance carrier, client & plaintiff)
  • Claim support to our client's daily needs in order to ease the process
  • Monitor the ruling of the actual claim between the insurance carrier and our client


Policy holders should notify claims within 30 days of its occurrence. If notice cannot be given within that time, a reasonable explanation will be requested in order to better manage the process with the insurance carriers.

The notice should include the following:
1. Policyholder Name
2. Policy Number
3. Description of loss
4. Insured Contact