About Us

SPR Insurance Group is an insurance agency focused on delivering the comprehensive solutions for our clients. The company uses a unique approach in the insurance industry in order to deliver unquestionable quality and service. Our agency evaluates each client’s individual risks and works with them to develop plans to minimize their risks with appropriate coverage that is competitively priced and tailored to their needs. SPR’s broad product range and services are key in providing our clients’ with peace of mind.

SPR Insurance Group works with U.S. based businesses and individuals in the domestic and foreign markets.  A broad network of partners throughout the Caribbean and Americas allows us to negotiate terms and conditions that are beneficial to our clients’ needs. 

SPR Insurance Group is dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled service.  Our team is always available to help our clients with loss control, claims handling, and any questions they may have pertaining to their coverage. The relationship with our clients is what keeps us aligned and focused on our goals of superior engagement. 

SPREZZATURA (adjective): The Capacity to Make the Difficult Seem Easy